Deacon Ministry

Chairperson: Keven Wright

Co-Chairperson: Pavis Narcisse

Mission Statement

To serve as spiritual leaders of the church. To function as partners with the Pastor in carrying out the missions of spiritual growth and development of the church body. To maintain a close relationship with the Pastor and church ministries and promote harmony among the congregation.

Deacon Family Assignments

(Deacons are assigned to families by their last name.)

Keven Wright A-Ba 804-226-2314
Russell Jones, Jr. Be-Cham 804-745-3899
Keven Wright Chan-Dan 804-226-2314
Wilbert Bonner Dao-Far 804-639-4666
James Jones Fer-Ge 804-874-7866
Anthony McCall Gh-Ha 804-262-8522
Pavis Narcisse Hb-I 804-747-4808
Calvin Jones J-K 804-714-1250
Keith Hales L-Mo 804-933--6523
Pavis Narcisse Mu-P 804-747-4808
Robert Fleming Q-Si 804-232-6878
Pavis Narcisse Sj-Tuc 804-747-4808
Willie Farrar Tud-Wa 804-232-0740
Keven Wright Wb-Z 804-226-2314

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