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2BC Scouts

Charter Executor: Rev. Ralph Hodge

Scouts Institutional Representative: Inactive

Pack, Trainer: Terrance Baker

Boy Scouts Troop 499

Boy Scout Master: Ojeda Wade

Assistant Scout Master: Barry Coleman

Boy Scouts Of America Purpose:

To provide a safe instructional area for young boys. Teaching what it takes to be a cub scout by meeting all requirements as laid out by the council.

Scoutmasters Mission:

To teach the scouts what is expected of them in daily life situations and respect themselves and all authority figures without hesitation.

How To Join:

Contact Barry Coleman at 804-938-9457 or Ojeda Wade at 804-386-3963. You can also call the church at 804-232-5124.

What Is Needed:

A completed application form, registration fee, completed physical from Pediatrician and the desire and willingness to be the best young man that you can be.

Ranks Of Scouting

Boy Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Life, Star, Eagle

Cub Scouts Pack 499

Cub Scout Master: Ojeda Wade

Webelos, Leader: Barry Coleman

Bear, Leader: Keith Hales

Tiger Cubs Master: Travon Davis

Wolf Master: Terrance Baker

Bear Cubs, Webelos Master: Keith Hales and Barry Coleman

Daisy Scouts

Daisy Scouts Leader: Tabetha Campbell-Thompson

Assistant Leader: Angela Bailey

Brownie Scouts

Brownie Scouts Leader: Melissa Johnson

Assistant Leader: VACANT

Junior Scouts

Junior Scouts Leader: Cynthia McCall

Assistant Leader: Annette Smith

Cadet Scouts And Seniors

Cadet Scouts and Seniors Leader: Pamela Jackson

Assistant Leader: Shirley Richardson

PROFILE: Girl Scouts Of America

Girl Scouts of the USA is an organization that provides girls from all segments of life an opportunity to develop their potential, make new friends and become a vital part of their community. It is a continuous adventure in learning that offers girls a broad range of activities, which address their current interests and their future role as women. Scouting gives girls an opportunity to extend community service to acquire an understanding about themselves and others. The set of values that girls develop guides their actions as they learn to support each other and have great fun. Girl Scout traditions include the Girl Scout sign, the handshake, the quiet sign and numerous ceremonies: for example, bridging, rededication, court of awards, flag, fly up, special days and investiture. Girl Scout Sunday is also a special occasion for all scouts.

Any girl ages 5-17 can be a Girl Scout in the USA.

Daisy Girl Scouts ages 5-6 or grades K-1

Brownie Girl Scouts ages 6-8 or grades 1-3

Junior Girl Scouts ages 8-11 or grades 3-6

Cadette Girl Scouts ages 11-14 or grade 6-9

Senior Girl Scouts ages 14-17 or grades 9-12

The Girl Scout Motto:

Be Prepared

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