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Wednesday in the Word

Second Baptist Church

November 9, 2016

Genesis 45:4-28

  1. Verses 4-7. As we shared a few weeks ago, Joseph finally reveals himself to his brothers. He has grown in faith and is looking back on his life and knows that God had to take him through some things with his brothers that were difficult so that he could be in position to finish the work of God. Joseph tells his brothers that this is not the time to get depressed over their failures to be good brothers. This was the time to get the family to Egypt so that they could find shelter during the next five years of drought. Joseph is so in sync with the overall plan of God that he is not thinking about the past, but only the future. This is his family and he is only concerned about their future and how to save them. Joseph has a clear view of what God was doing through his brother’s harsh treatment of him. It wasn’t just for his success, but to save his family. This doesn’t excuse his brothers, but reliving the past is not an option with the drought at this point. In the same way, we must have a vision of God’s plan. Sometimes things get worse before they get better. Joseph is living better, but he now knows that the worse was necessary for his beautiful life now. Joseph’s blessings and his position were the result of a period of slavery and incarceration. His is now in the position of savior. His brothers couldn’t see that, they were only jealous, now they have to bow down to him and thank him. Joseph was a better man than they were and he is even gracious during a time when he could have been crass and rude. It doesn’t always seem like it, but good guys will finish first.

  2. Verses 8-11. Joseph tells his brothers, that God has made him like a father to Pharaoh. This gives us the idea that the Pharaoh might have been younger and Joseph is now seen as a wise elder to the young Pharaoh. From Pharaoh’s perspective Joseph is almost like a god with his ability to know the future. Joseph knows this and sees that God has allowed this so that Joseph can saved his country. God has positioned Joseph to be like the Pharaoh without actually being the Pharaoh. Notice the urgency in Joseph’s words. He knows that time is of the essence or the family will perish. God sent Joseph ahead so that they wouldn’t perish. Joseph sees his trials as a necessary part of his life to save his family and fulfill God’s plan. Did you ever consider that your trials are for someone else’s good as well as your own?

  3. Verses 12-13. Joseph sees that his brothers are in shock, but he tells them to look around, and see that what he says is correct about his situation in Egypt. He is blessed, and he wants his family to enjoy the same blessings, but that can’t happen unless they move and move quickly. With regards to his brothers, sometimes when we know we are not worthy, we are slow to enjoy a blessing that comes our way. Newsflash, we are never worthy of the blessings.

  4. Verses 14-20. Joseph spends some quality time with his brothers, and while this is happening the Pharaoh hears that Joseph’s brothers are in town and tells Joseph to give them supplies and he also tells them to get their families and bring them back to Egypt. He says leave the stuff you had in your hometown, because when you get back to Egypt you can have the best that is in Egypt. They are about to be blinged out by Pharaoh himself. The same way Joseph is living will be the same way they are living. They will be blessed because Joseph is blessed. This is all a picture of Christ. The rejected one is now the chosen one. Joseph’s brothers were freely blessed with the best that Egypt had to offer. Joseph’s brothers did not deserve these gifts. They just accepted them. When we become followers of Christ, not only are our sins forgiven, but we receive new life and eternal blessings that begin right here on earth! (Hebrews 9:15) We don’t deserve any of these blessings. It is by God’s grace that He gives us blessings we could never earn. John l-l6 says, “From the fullness of His grace we have all received one blessing after another.”

  5. Verses 21-28. The brothers do as they are told and take all the supplies with them and return to their father. Notice Joseph tells his brothers not to quarrel on the way home. He knows they would be tempted to fight over what happened years ago and assign blame to one another. Joseph doesn’t want them focused on the past, because this will hinder them from doing the will of God. He needs them to be mature and move on like he has. He is trying to get them blessed. Joseph’s father hears the story. Jacob may have been more shocked than anyone to hear that his twelfth son was alive. For the past twenty years, he believed that Joseph had been killed by wild animals. He can’t believe what they tell him at first, but soon after he is convinced and his heart is revived. He is excited about seeing the son whom he thought was dead. Just maybe, God will restore some things, that you thought could never be restored.

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